My three years in banking were spent primarily trying to be -or seem- productive. And you know what? It’s really tiring.

I kinda thought that not working would allow me to not worry so much about being productive. And it has, to an extent. But I have accomplished a few things more than just laundry, cleaning, and being barefoot in the kitchen!

You see this tree?

We took it down. Do you know how much bigger a tree is when it’s on the ground as opposed to when it’s in its natural state?

See these feet?

They were super tired from tree cutting. The awesome thing is getting to do all these tasks with my fabulous hubs. I feel like we’re dating and not a boring married couple!

We did find time to get out of town and we also went to the zoo(!) and I got to see the giraffes(!). I feel like we connected on a deeper level than they do with most people. Or maybe this one was just flirting. Posing.

See the look on his face? That’s love.

And lastly, I planted these in planters on our front porch. I think they’re fabulous.

And now-June is almost halfway over. Hallelujah!




June has never been my favorite month. It’s the end of spring and summer is starting to make it hot outside. But, you know what? If it stays like this…fires, clover, and fresh veggies…I think I could like it.

-courtesy of Kate, one of the finest people I know.

For a light and easy lunch it’s really hard to beat some fresh steamed broccoli with brown rice. Nothing like keeping it light when it’s hot outside!



Went for a walk with the hubs and our dogs the other day. The weather was perfect for it (as opposed to our cloudy days we’ve been having since then!). I’d love to say that the top two were taken out our back door, but I’d be lying to you. That is someone’s backyard though! I’m jealous.

Not working right now has given me a lot of time to spend doing things I love with the people I love. I’ll miss it when I become a working girl again!



Happy Saturday.

All I want to do today is wear these and look at this:

But instead I think I’ll get dressed and try to be productive. My sister is coming into town tonight and we’re having a fish fry. It’s going to be a great party! Enjoy your Saturday. Don’t work too hard.



Today I did something very nerve-wracking and something that I’m sure many people would think was crazy. I quit my (very good and very stable) (very stressful and very tiring) job.

Nice thing is…well, there’s lots of nice things. First thing is that I get to wear different shoes all day instead of (very sexy) (sometimes very painful) heels.

And I get to do things that I find more relaxing. Like playing in the dirt and drinking wine.



Sleepy. Sunny. Sunday.

I’ve always loved Sundays and today was no exception. The weather was perfect and I tried to capture some of that. I hope everyone got to talk to their mom for Mother’s Day!


This Afternoon

Besides being delicious just fried in a little butter with fresh cracked pepper, the eggs that I was given became delicious German Chocolate Chip Cookies. My mom and I both love to bake and we spent the afternoon in the kitchen together. These are what we came up with.

It’s really satisfying to make up a recipe and have it be great on the first try.

My husband has been busy getting some plants ready for our garden. We had a small one last year but didn’t really think about all of our trees making the yard so shady. This year we’re starting everything on our back deck. We’ve wised up.

I do love digging in the dirt with him but honestly…I’d rather play with the dogs. Who could resist these faces?